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Our product range covers almost all types of power distribution centres under 1000V. Our customers will now be able to get all the distribution centres they need from us, from standard apartment building centres to 8500A heavy-duty industrial switchgear assemblies and equipment and automation centres. The centres we manufacture can also be supplied with integrated compensation equipment. Our cable distribution cabinets range from street lighting to other applications.

Our most complex products are control centres for operating theatres that come equipped with a touch screen and are pre-programmed by us. We have had all of our products type-tested so as to obtain information about their durability and behaviour in abnormal conditions.  Arc short-circuit tests have also been successfully carried out on our cubicle switchgears. Watch a video about 400V cellular centre arc test.

Through our products and operations, we seek to promote the effective use of energy by our end customers, thus helping to ensure the long-term sustainability of our environment.