E Avenue Oy


Business merger between E Avenue Oy and SK-Kojeistot Oy now completed


SK-Kojeistot Oy (2157455-6) has now merged with its parent company E Avenue Oy (1897576-2)

As a result of this merger, E Avenue Oy will assume responsibility for SK-Kojeistot Oy’s agreements, customers and services as such. The current personnel will remain unchanged, and so will the company’s unit in Seinäjoki.

Certain responsibilities have been re-arranged as a result of the merger. The re-arranged personnel resources will make it easier to extend the product selection to new products in addition to the existing ones.

There will be no changes to the personnel’s current phone numbers. The form of any new e-mail addresses is: forename.familyname@eavenue.fi

The merger complies with E Avenue’s strategy for growth as one of the most significant power distribution centre manufacturers in Finland.

Thanks to this merger, we are now in a better position to serve our existing and new customers with increased efficiency and a more comprehensive product palette, especially in western Finland.

E Avenue’s estimated annual turnover in 2019 will be EUR 25million, with some 200 people being employed.