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Size and demand

We manufacture a huge amount of project-specific or serially produced distribution centres under 1000V annually. The examples below only comprise a small portion of the applications where our switchgears are used.

Building power distribution centres

Building power distribution centres for public buildings account for a major portion of our operations. Reliable power distribution is of vital importance in places where thousands of people congregate, be it an airport, a shopping centre, or a hospital. The reliability of power distribution is increasingly importantly also in offices that accommodate a broad range of computer and other systems.


  • Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Vantaa
  • Puotila, Rastila, Vuosaari, metro stations, Helsinki
  • Finnair Oyj, Vantaa
  • Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre, Helsinki, Finland
  • Finnair Stadium in Helsinki
  • Vantaa Prison, Vantaa
  • Riihimäki Prison, Riihimäki
  • Metla Joensuu, Helsinki
  • Extension of Parliament, Helsinki, Finland
  • University of Helsinki, Viikki Helsinki
  • Science Centre Hermia, Tampere
  • University of Turku, Turku dentistry
  • Ideapark, Lempäälä
  • Kamppi Center, Helsinki, Finland
  • Jumbo shopping center, Vantaa
  • Iso Omena shopping center, Espoo
  • Lutakko tower house, Jyväskylä
  • Radiolinja, Keilalahti, Espoo, Finland
  • Dynamo Business Park, Tampere
  • TietoEnator Oyj, Helsinki
  • VM-Data, Helsinki
  • Nokia Oyj Oulu, Espoo, Tampere, Finland
  • Perlos Oy LEHMO, Joensuu
  • Kone Elevators Hyvinkää
  • HUS, Meilahti, Helsinki Töölö
  • Tampere University Hospital, Tampere, Finland
  • Kuopio University Hospital, Kuopio

Industrial applications

Industrial applications are one of our strong areas of expertise. We deliver even large process centres cost-effectively, whether for the chemical, wood processing or food industry. We have also delivered process centres for power and wastewater treatment plants.



  • Enocell Oy, Uimaharju
  • Kemira Chemicals Oy Siilinjärvi, Kokkola
  • Kemira Phosphates Oy, Siilinjärvi
  • Metsä-Botnia, Joutseno Pulp, Joutseno
  • Metsä-Serla Savon Sellu, Kuopio
  • Oy Metsärauma Ab, Rauma
  • Oy Raisional Ab, Kaipiainen
  • Schauman Wood Oy Pellosniemi, Kuopio
  • StoraEnso Oy, Imatra

Power plants

  • PVO yhtiöt, Oy Alholmens Kraft Ab, Pietarsaari
  • Kuopio Energy, Niirala, Haapaniemi Kuopio
  • Metsä-Serla Oy, Kirkniemi
  • Pankakoski Boards Oy, Lieksa
  • Rovaniemi Energy Oy, Suosiola Rovaniemi
  • Oulu Energy Toppila 1 and 2, Oulu
  • Kemijoki Oy, Seitakorva, Kemijärvi
  • E.ON, Otaniemi Espoo

Wastewater treatment plants

  • Akonniemi, Varkaus
  • The biogas plant, Forssa
  • Jynkänniemi, Siilinjärvi
  • Nenäinniemi, Jyväskylä
  • Vuohiniemi, Iisalmi

Export and utilities

For export projects, we manufacture both process and building power distribution centres. For utilities, we manufacture low-voltage switchgears for transformers.


  • Adresse Avisen, printing line, Norway
  • Buness Marine, a fish farm, Norway
  • Cedar Rapids Extension, printing line, USA
  • El Tiempo, printing line, Kolumbia
  • Allrosa, Sport center, Russia
  • Finncolor Oy, paint factory, Russia
  • Gillette, Russia
  • GUP Vodocanal, wastewater treatment plant, Russia
  • Philip Morris, tobacco factory, Russia
  • St. Petersburg Northwestern power plant, Russia
  • Ikea, Moscow Russia
  • K-Rauta, St. Petersburg Russia
  • Siberian Group of Chemica, Seversk Russia
  • OAO Svetogorsk, paper mill, Russia
  • OAO Svetogorsk, pulp mill, Russia
  • Kemira Oy, fertilizer sacking mill, United Arab Emirates
  • Martinsons Sågverk, logs sorting center, Sweden
  • Assidomän Timber Ab, logs sorting center, Sweden
  • Nerikes Allehanda, printing line, Sweden
  • Northampton Web, printing line, England
  • Printa Northcliffe, England
  • NPS-Thailand, coal transportation system, Thailand
  • PT Kiani Kertas, pulp mill, Indonesia
  • Riga Oil Terminal, Latvia
  • Volvo cars, Ruotsi
  • Bio Therm Baden, renewable energy power plant, Germany
  •  Immersion Heater, power plant, South Africa
  • Aneka Tambang, power plant, Indonesia
  • Dihn Vu, electricity station Vietnam
  • Veskimetsa, electricity station, Estonia