E Avenue Oy

Our customers are quality conscious

Size and exacting requirements

We annually manufacture a huge amount of project-specific or serially produced distribution centres under the capacity 1000V. The examples below only cover a small portion of the applications where our centres are used.

Real estate units and building projects

E Avenue has manufactured apartment building power distribution centres for the largest buildings in Finland.

Reliable power distribution is ensured by E Avuenue’s systems in places where thousands of people congregate – in shopping centres, underground and overground train stations, and airports.

Many hospitals also use the safe power distribution centres made by E Avenue.

Our most demanding products are the control centres supplied for hospital operating theatres, which are equipped with touch screen user interfaces, programmed ready for use.

Industrial companies and production plants

The Finnish forest and metal industries rely on heavy-duty industrial power distribution centres supplied by E Avenue.

When industrial processes require the transfer of high volumes of power, or the control for large electrical machines, E Avenue’s heavy-duty cellular centres are chosen.

The processes of many power plants, which produce heat and/or electrical power, are controlled by our power distribution centres.

We have also supplied power distribution centres for several large-size IT machine halls in Finland.

Equipment and machine manufacturers

Power distribution centres made for equipment and machine manufacturers are used in underground and overground installations alike. The centres used in mining machines are exposed to extreme environmental conditions, which means that their manufacture requires genuine professional competence, with regards to their design as well as installation. This professional competence is also applied in large-size washing machines, cooling equipment, pumping stations and waste water equipment, for example.

We can supply the intelligent equipment installed in machine and equipment centres provided with ready-made parameter settings and pre-programmed functions.

Power distribution networks

E Avenue has supplied thousands of fuse sequence cabinets and branching cabinets to grid companies operating in several areas. We have also produced fuse sequence cabinets and branching cabinets specifically dimensioned as per the grid companies’ own requirements. Transformers of special design for park environments are also included in our product range.