E Avenue Oy

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Who we are

E Avenue Oy is one of the largest companies in Finland manufacturing power distribution centres under the capacity of 1000V. We also manufacture 20kV distribution centres for installation in park environments.

E Avenue employs some 200 people and currently operates from five locations in Finland: Iisalmi, Ikaalinen, Kerava, Kuopio and Seinäjoki.

Our annual turnover is more than EUR 25 million.

Below the level of 1000V, our manufacturing capacity of power distribution centres is divided into five business areas.

Our units in Kerava and Iisalmi specialise in the manufacture of automation centres, machine centres and equipment centres.

The Ikaalinen and Seinäjoki units produce apartment building centres.

Our Kuopio unit manufactures electrical centres for industrial purposes and grid installations.

The Kuopio unit is also responsible for the manufacture of our thin plate components.


The company history started almost 30 years ago.

Initially, there were two competing electrical engineering companies – Ikaalisten Keskussähkö, established in late 1992, and Kuopion Kojeisto, established in early 1993. E Avenue Oy was born when the two competing power distribution centre manufacturers decided to put their resources together in 2004.

In addition, there are another two business acquisitions contributing to the company’s growth story.

In early 2015, E Avenue purchased the business of Maansähkö Oy making it part of the company’s Kerava unit.

In late 2018, the business of SK-Kojeistot was purchased and this turned into the company’s fifth unit located in Seinäjoki.