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Who we are

E Avenue Oy – One of the largest manufacturers of power distribution centres under 1000V in Finland

E Avenue employs around 150 people and has production facilities at four locations in Iisalmi, Ikaalinen, Kerava and Kuopio. Our turnover is around EUR 15 million. The company is owned by five private individuals.

Our products

The power distributions centres we manufacture are among the very best in the industry. The safety and quality of our products are the cornerstones of our operations. All of our products are of FI-certified quality.
In our products, we only use best components from renowned manufacturers that can also be found from the wholesalers’ assortments. Our customers will be able to get all the distribution centres they need from a single manufacturer, from standard apartment building centres to 8500A industrial switchgear assemblies.

Reliable partner

For us, the fulfilment of all statutory social obligations is self-evident. E Avenue Oy participates in the Reliable Partner programme maintained by Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy.



E Avenue Oy came into existence in 2004 as the result of a merger between two competing manufacturers of electricity distribution centres, Ikaalisten Keskussähkö Oy and Kuopion Kojeisto Oy. Both companies had a history of some 20 years. Ikaalisten Keskussähkö was founded towards the end of 1992 and Kuopion Kojeisto at the beginning of 1993. Each of E Avenue’s production facilities specialises in its own manufacturing sector, working in collaboration with one another.

The Iisalmi brach specialises in the serial production of small control and power centres. It also provides software solutions to meet the needs of machinery and equipment manufacturers.

The Ikaalinen and Kerava branches specialise in distribution centres for public buildings.

The Kuopio branch specialises in heavy-duty industrial switchgears for customers in Finland and abroad.

E Avenue is and will be at the leading edge of its field that the competitors seek to emulate. Thanks to our high capacity and substantial expertise, we are able to provide our customers with faster, better and more comprehensive service.



We conduct all of our operations in compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management system. The Kuopio facility has been certified by SGS.


Environmental values are also duly taken into account. E Avenue has an ISO 14001-compliant environment system in place.


The recovery of our packaging materials is taken care of through an agreement concluded with the Finnish Packaging Recycling RINKI Ltd.